HALO-Flight provides medical transport for critically ill or injured persons requiring medical or trauma facilities within our South Texas service area. Emergency assistance is provided to all persons regardless of their ability to pay.

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Every day, more than three times each day, HALO-Flight's medical crews respond to unexpected tragedies, accidents, injuries or illnesses that require prompt air ambulance medical services. Your gifts save lives. HALO-Flight crews bring expertise and essential equipment by air to critical emergencies in South Texas. The fleet of four Bell helicopters is outfitted with the very latest in emergency medical equipment and all of the safety technologies recommended by the National Transportation Safety Board. HALO-Flight also provides helicopter transportation for the Driscoll Children's Hospital pediatric and neonatal specialty team transports. Additionally, HALO-Flight supports other local specialty teams with safe, emergency medical air transportation.
HALO-Flight's response area includes the 26 counties surrounding Corpus Christi 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 1268 patients were served by HALO-Flight in 2017. Over 18,000 patients have been transported to a higher level of care by the helicopter emergency medical service since inception in 1987.
Your generous support sustains the life-saving Mission of HALO-Flight. Your gifts literally save lives. Your support makes it possible for HALO-Flight to continue the life-saving Mission with the most modern and vital medical equipment, and an accident-free record of service for 31 years to South Texans. Yes, your gifts save lives.
Being two means being inquisitive, and not necessarily understanding what might be more harm than fun. Colt Thomas Chambers was two on the day he and his parents had a first-hand experience with HALO-Flight, and the rattlesnake that found Colt in the yard.
The family was enjoying a pleasant South Texas December afternoon in the yard when tragedy struck. Colt had just turned two the month before, and when he screamed out, the family swept him up and sped him to the hospital.
Following exhaustive treatment, HALO-Flight was called for transport.
"A huge weight came off my shoulders," said Amanda Valverde Chambers, Colt's Mother, "when I saw the flight crew coming down the hall. I knew he was going to be in good hands and I was able to relax."
Upon arrival at Driscoll Children's Hospital, the flight crew, who had called ahead, was greeted by Dr. Jay Koska, DCH Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Medicine Physician and HALO-Flight Board of Directors Member.
During his hospitalization, Colt made a remarkable recovery despite the cascade of events that made it such a challenging case, Ryan Kelley, HALO-Flight Critical Care Paramedic who helped treat and transport little Colt to the Hospital, added. Kelley even visited him in the Hospital a few days later. "When I walked in the door, he sat up in the bed. I just teared up," said Kelley.
Two days in ICU, followed by five more in the hospital was how the family geared up for the holidays; but the Christmas Eve discharge was the gift the family wanted most. HALO-Flight saves lives everyday.