Rural Economic Assistance League, Inc.

For the past 46 years, REAL's mission has been to assure Coastal Bend communities receive quality care and services for the elderly, persons with disabilities and the general public by assisting them and their families in maintaining an independent and fulfilling life. REAL, Inc. operates adult day care centers, home health care and home provider services, housing, public transportation and community mental health support services.

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REAL, Inc. has a long history of delivering effective and efficient services to vulnerable populations in South Texas. Through innovative partnerships with other health and social service agencies REAL, Inc. has led the development of groundbreaking services in the region through the integration of transportation, Mobility Management and traditional Promotoras, Community Health Worker health and wellness services. These efforts have harnessed community strengths and innovation by developing services responding to the communities' needs to increase access to specialty health care services in the South Texas region.
Examples of REAL's cutting edge and innovative population-based community health and wellness strategies include some of the following:
• The Community-Provider Partnership to Promote Health (C3PH): C3PH is an inclusive planning project with funding from the Community Transportation Association of America, that brings together transit providers, dialysis clinic staff and dialysis patients working together and developing a plan for the best way to provide transportation services to provide access to lifesaving health services for patients requiring specialized dialysis care during End Stage Renal disease
• The Transportation for Rural Integrated health Partnership (TRIP) for Salud y Vida: TRIP is a multi-year research-based program, funded by Methodist Health Care Ministries, that will enhance and expand integrated behavioral services (IBH) for adults with serious mental health issues. The TRIP program undergoes a rigorous evaluation design to determine if the addition of transportation and self-empowerment strategies to an IBH model improves its effectiveness by measuring: Reduced no show to medical appointments; Improved blood pressure; Improved A1C readings; Reduced BMI rates; Improved quality of life.
• Adult Day Activity Health Services (DAHS): REAL, Inc. operates four successful Day Activity Health Service (DAHS) Centers for seniors and persons with disabilities in the rural areas of Jim Wells and Duval counties that provide medication management, specialized diet and snacks and recreation that is overseen by a nurse on duty.
• Transportation Services: REAL, Inc.'s mobility management team can help the general public, seniors and persons with disabilities in the rural areas to coordinate and navigate through the public transportation system using a network of resources. REAL's service area provides public transportation services in Aransas, Bee, Brooks, Duval, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Live Oak, Refugio and San Patricio counties. REAL transportation services take you to important destinations and for various purposes including school, training centers, work, educational centers, medical appointments, recreation, shopping or other purposes in your community.
• Housing Services: REAL, Inc. operates seven (7) housing facilities for the elderly and disabled throughout Coastal Bend communities. Each housing complex provides excellent amenities, care options, community center and other quality of life amenities.
REAL, Inc. has an extensive reputation and experience in the delivery of programs as REAL employs highly qualified and community centered employees including credentialed RNs, community health workers, program managers and mobility managers. The REAL workforce is ready and willing to assist in the delivery of compassionate care for communities who need services most.