Beeville Vineyard Inc.

The Beeville Vineyard, Inc. unites the efforts of faith based communities to respond to the needs of the poor. We are a source for those with low incomes,the elderly, the sick, and those who have fallen on hard times.

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Organized in 1984 by the local churches in our area when they saw the need that some of our citizens had situations beyond their control. We have continued this effort since that time.
We rely entirely on donations from the community, churches and grants that we apply for each year. We assist clients in Bee county with, emergency food, donated clothing and household items, help with disconnects of utilities, evictions, emergency shelter, out of town medical appointments, eye exams, dental extractions, prescriptions and medical equipment. All clients must meet the criteria set down by the Board and our donors. We work with five adult day cares in Bee county, the police department and women's shelter. Nothing is wasted clothing not suitable is sent for recyclng. We are also the agency that manages the Toys for Tots program during Christmas. Most of our workers are volunteers, who have dedicated themselves to this cause since we started.
Without the generosity of the community we could not keep our doors open, pay if forward, how many times we see a family who has fallen on hard times, laid off from their job, or suffered a serious illness, or just circumstances out of their control. They come to us for help, and then later when they are in a better position we see so many come back and make donations, volunteer, or just reach out and help another family in trouble.