Wenholz House

Wenholz House provides transitional rehabilitative housing and support services to clients so they may regain and maintain stability, reenter the workforce, and live clean and sober lives free from addiction.

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At the Wenholz House (2004) and the Wenholz Women's House (2009),we provide a safe, structured and supported sober living environment to adult men and women in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. As a Coastal Bend program specializing in supportive housing for adults in addiction recovery, we serve about 60 people daily. We work with many agencies and normally have a waiting list for bed-space. Wenholz House is an approved Alternate Housing Resource for the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice in Corpus Christi. Most residents come from families, hospitals, detox and treatment facilities, with some coming directly off the streets.
We are funded by churches, private donors,humanitarian groups, area foundations, and through your generous gifts received on the Coastal Bend Day of Giving. Residents with a appropriate recovery time period and employment are expected to pay a modest weekly rent. Our live-in staff guides residents as they seek appropriate aftercare, attend on site recovery meetings, secure employment,and reunify with family, friends, and community. Food is free for those "Souls in Need"..."Safety,Sobriety,and Support".... thank you for your gifts
Winston W. Sept 2018
...... "In December 2011, I received my fourth DWI- a felony-along with a motion to revoke because I was not keeping probation meeting apointments.Although I was sentenced to ten years in the Texas Dept. of Corrections, the judge gave me 6 years probation,orderd me to report to the Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (SATF).
..... When I left SATF, I came straight to The Wenholz House a safe haven that has given me the help needed to make tremendous progress. Here, I learned to budget and repaid all accumulated dept. I changed my friendship base in order to surround myself with positive people. I regularly attend and sometimes lead AA meetings, and do my best to help others. The Bible has become my rock to hold on to. I believe in God, I attend Church, and work daily to keep balance in my life. I know I am not perfect. I am sober over six years now, and held the same job until recently moving on to a better job with a company truck. By the grace of God and a program of recovery I am sober the longest period in my life since I was 13 years old. "

Dawn S. (Sept. 2010)
........"My journey here wasn't real smooth. It started when, at 15, I choose alcohol and drugs to ease my pain. My mom and grandparents had taught me right from wrong, but I got caught up in a destructive lifestyle. The problem was I wouldn't admit I needed outside help.
........Finally, I realized I needed help to change. I came to Corpus Christi and entered the rehab program at Charlie's Place. Four months later, I became the first resident to move into the brand new Wenholz Women's House. It's structured living environment helped me stay on course and work the steps. I relearned how to share, help others, and be respectful. When I saw my weakness in others, I knew how I needed to improve.
.....Now, I pay my own way, own a car, and enjoy full-time employment. I try to set an example through my actions. I share ideas with others and am honored to be a volunteer. Even my Mom tells me that she has her daughter back.
.....I hope my story will inspire someone in trouble. You have strengths and may just need outside help, too. My keys to healing are: perseverance, progress, not perfection, honesty, and willingness."