Aransas Pass for Youth, Inc

Aransas Pass for Youth's mission is to provide a safe and supervised latchkey and summer recreation program for at-risk youth of Aransas Pass and surrounding areas. The APFY Latchkey and Summer Program provides opportunities for children to experience positive individual and group recreation activities that enhance social skills and provide lifelong benefits which include enjoyment of literacy, respect for the environment, and social skills to remain drug free.

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APFY has had a direct impact on the at-risk youth of Aransas Pass and surrounding areas. Our Latchkey and Summer Programs keep youth off the streets and out of trouble and place them in a safe and stimulating environment where they are able and encouraged to grow through engaging activities. Our Latchkey Program helps the youth succeed in school by aiding them in their homework. Our Summer Program offers the youth a safe environment where they have fun through participating in engaging activities and also get the opportunity to learn about a drug-free lifestyle.
Our organization has had several of its youth come to work for the organization as they get older. They enjoy APFY and want to continue to be part of the APFY family by giving back to their community by molding the community's youth. APFY has positively impacted many lives in Aransas Pass and its surrounding communities.