Charlie's Place Recovery Center

Our mission is to inspire recovery from addiction by providing quality services and support.

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Our vision is to create a community where addiction is accepted as a treatable disease, services are readily accessible, and lives are rebuilt, families reunited and society enriched by each individual achieving recovery. It is our mission to inspire recovery from substance addiction by providing quality services and support to all who seek help. Services are delivered to individuals 18 years or older without regard to race, color, ethnicity, national origin, gender or economic status. For every $1 donated to our facility, .84 cents goes to direct patient care and for every $1 spent on treatment, our community saves $4-10 in future services, which amounts to over $36 million per year for South Texas.

Charlie's Place began as a 24-hour Alcoholics Anonymous Club in 1965. We have provided detoxification and recovery services to our patients and their families in Corpus Christi, Nueces County and the Coastal Bend for over 50 years. To date we have served in excess of 45,000 individuals, this number does not reflect the additional friends and family who were affected by these services (2,200 adults and 1,100 children)

Named for our founder, Charlie Acklen, a selfless man who devoted his life to helping people who were unable to help themselves, the treatment facility grew one building at a time into a modern residential treatment center offering a full continuum of care to chemically addicted, medically indigent clients. Charlie's Place is unique in South Texas as we are the only stand alone residential facility offering Medical detoxification services, residential treatment services, family services, long term treatment for homeless individuals, and specialized female services. While we do have a sliding fee scale, the majority of clients served fall below the minimum federal poverty guidelines to receive free services. We have the capacity to serve 155 clients per day, at this time not all beds are funded.

Through highly dedicated treatment teams, we assist the clients in meeting the following goals:
• Maintaining a chemical free physical/mental status
• Learning about the disease of alcohol/drug dependence
• Beginning the discovery and practice of satisfactory coping skills
• Identifying/confronting primary personal, social/vocational problems
• Assuming responsibility for one's own actions
• Improving general health
• Becoming oriented to the appropriate 12 Step peer support groups
• Establishing a peer relationship to assist in recovery

Services we provide:

3-14 day average stay, 24-hour medical staff supervision

14-30 day stay, 30 hours of scheduled programming per week, including: group counseling, individual counseling, education, life skills, and structured activities

14-30+ day stay, 6 hours of scheduled programming per week, including: group and individual counseling, education classes, life skills, structure activities, and intensive case management to assist in meeting all needs to obtain self sufficiency

Less intensive environment for those who have completed residential and/or those who do not require residential services, up to 6 months, includes an individual session once per month and 2 groups weekly

Educational sessions open to clients and their families while in treatment. Addresses the needs of the entire family in relationship to the addiction and how to resolve issues, etc.

Specialized services designed to meet the needs of females age 18 and up who have children, even if the children do not enter treatment with the mother. More intensive case management than normal Intensive residential. Expanded to meet the prenatal and parenting needs of women.

In each program, we have special populations, such as homeless veterans and those with higher risks (intravenous drug users) who receive specialized programming. All patients receive education and counseling on addiction-how to manage the disease, positive coping skills, and life skills. Programming includes: physical health, tobacco cessation, overdose prevention education, parenting, anger management, nutrition, and financial literacy. In addition to treatment, we also provide recovery support services and aftercare that are not time limited and are free to the patient for as long as they need the support and extra care.


Our desire is to provide every patient with courage,to expect that life can be different, that it is possible to live without the fear, pain, anger and frustration that drugs and alcohol have added to their lives.

Best demonstrated as empathy in action, a smile as they enter the building, a listening ear when they need it, a safe, clean environment for living and learning, each provided with compassion to create an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

The patient and staff work together to create goals and define success for each person. Staff collaborate with each other to create an environment of teamwork so patient care and transition is seamless across the service array. And, we collaborate with partners throughout the community to best meet the needs of our patients and provide necessary services beyond substance abuse treatment, allowing the patient to better succeed.

We hire staff that demonstrate knowledge and experience and are willing to share that experience with others. We provide training and development to help staff reach their goals and strive to create a continual learning environment that both patients and staff benefit from. We strive to provide a professional environment that creates trust for those seeking services, that they will receive the expert care they deserve.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield
United HealthCare
Several others pending

Daughter of a patient (2013 excerpts from a school speech assignment)
"I'd like to tell you about a little girl who never knew when her next meal was, who didn't know if she'd be along that night. When her mom was there, the fighting was constant, both of them yelling at the top of their lungs. At school the little girl would put on this fake smile everyday after staying up late crying the night before. She couldn't see what good the future could hold because things were bad then and just kept getting worse. That little girl as me and the woman was my mom who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I lived that life until nine months ago when my mom checked herself into Charlie's Place and began recovery.......Addiction is a disease of the mind, body and spirit. Charlie's Place operates on the belief that a person cannot successfully maintain sobriety until all three of these aspects of addiction have been healed......Charlie's Place has helped both my mom and I in so many ways! She's learned how to deal with her problems in better ways. I don't have to walk on eggshells anymore, worrying that she's going to jump down my throat about every little thing. I can talk to her about anything now. I am so thankful for Charlie's Place because it gave me my mom back."

Male Patient-2015
"as of now I'm still sober and grateful that you guys gave me the tools to get there...Laura was key in reaching me where I was at...the whole Charlie's staff is a gift from God and I'm not sure you guys know how much you actually change the world....thank you"

Male patient-2105 (in treatment 2012--3 years sober)
"Since 1998 the first time I came to Charlie's suffering severely Charlie's has never given up on me, turned me away, or let me down. Charlie's actually saved my life. And that's no bull----! PS (And thank God for Walter!)"