Educating Children's Future

Our goal is to help each student master all academic standards, while providing support, time, and instruction that focuses on their academic needs. The heart of the E.C.F. Community Center is to return the God given confidence and abilities that each child has within themselves in a safe and encouraging environment.

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The E.C.F.Community Center is an after school tutoring educational enrichment program for all at-risk elementary age children who live in our inner-city community. The program is designed to demonstrate that the trend of poor student achievement can be reversed and that all students can master academic standards if they are given time, support, and instruction that focuses on their academic needs.
"It's fun and I get to eat snacks and I get to get on the computers!" -Christopher, 3rd Grade-

"I like that I get to do my homework and we can also get prizes!" -Leanna, 2nd Grade-

"It's fun and I want to pass 4th grade and this is helping me." -Carlos, 4th Grade-

"A mi me gusta hacer las tareas para que cuando llege a la casa, pueda jugar. Este programa me a ayudado aprender un poquito de Ingles." -Carlitos, 4th Grade-

"I have friends here and I get all the help that I need, and I LOVE the spaghetti!" -Lupita, 5th Grade-