Odyssey After School Enrichment Program

Odyssey After School strengthens and enhances the academic, physical, and psychological development of its students in a safe and nurturing environment.

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Odyssey After School was established in 2002 to meet a need that existed in Aransas County. The statistics showed that over 50% of first through sixth graders were going home in the afternoon unsupervised. With the cooperation of community leaders, local law enforcement, and the Office of the Governor, Odyssey received a juvenile justice award that funded the program's beginnings.

Odyssey endeavors to extend the school day and enhance our student's learning with fun, innovative programs that build on the concepts presented in school. Our enrichment programs offer opportunities to our kids that many would not otherwise experience. Golf, tennis, fine arts, crafts, sewing, engineering programs, cooking classes, physical fitness programs, junior lifesaving, crabbing, gardening, yoga, publishing, music lessons, swim lessons, 4H, and photography are just a few of Odyssey's enrichment programs.

The student population served by Odyssey tends to be the children most in need. Overall, approximately 70% of the children served are considered "at risk." Additionally, these children are at an increased risk of obesity, poor nutrition and fitness skills, and low self-esteem. Odyssey is the only non-profit afterschool program in our community.
"I cannot express enough how much this program has meant to my family. I am a single, working mother of four kids. Three of my children have attended the Odyssey program for the past two years - and this year, the fourth child is now old enough to be a part of the program (it was such a tough wait for him hearing for the past two years about all of the great activities the older three were getting to do every day!). This program has provided them with so many opportunities to learn new skills and participate in activities that I would otherwise be unable to afford (not just money, but also time)."

"My child has been in the Odyssey program for a total of 4 years. The program has provided her with numerous opportunities to learn new skills and participate in activities which I would not be able to afford for her. I cannot underestimate the value of the Odyssey program to this community. Odyssey is the only option for afterschool care in Rockport and their programs are outstanding. The program is very popular among both children and parents. Each year I've seen the program grow to accommodate the need in our town."