Palmer Drug Abuse Program of Corpus Christi Inc

PDAP offers free support for teens/adults in finding alternatives to drug/alcohol use, and programs for parents and younger siblings affected by their substance abuse.

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Data Supporting Alternative Peer Groups - Baylor University Study on PDAP
Dr. Scott Basinger of Baylor College of Medicine has been studying the outcomes of alternative peer groups and recently presented his data at the Teens and High Risk Symposium. He compared the national rates of teen relapse to the rates of teens enrolled in local APGs. The national relapse rate for teens in recovery is between 50-90% (Basinger & Edens, in press). In Houston, for those adolescents participating in APGs between January 2007 and 2010, the relapse rates were between 8%-11% (Basinger & Edens, in press). Overall, since APGs have been in existence, they have a recovery rate greater than 85% versus a nationwide recovery rate of around 30% (Basinger & Edens, in press).
When I first came to PDAP, I wasn't sure I wanted to live. So much of my life had been destroyed by my addiction to alcohol and pills. Day after day, I kept trying to fill the emptiness inside of me with pills and liquor. The pain of my life caused me to distrust anyone and everyone. Most importantly, it destroyed my relationship with God. Finally, I was nothing more than a shell of my former self that no longer could love myself, and no longer wanted to live. It was the fear of being capable of taking my own life, which scared me enough to seek help for my disease. When I was seeking help, someone at a hospital asked me, "Have you heard of the Palmer Drug Abuse Program". I sought them out, and went to talk to a counselor. It was the start of rebuilding my life, my friendships, and my relationship with God. They became the family I never had. Through the love, honesty and accountability of this program, I became whole. I can honestly say that without this program, I would NOT be alive today. Thank God, and thank you PDAP!


PDAP loved me until I could love myself. I came into this program with no hope and very low self esteem. They helped me blossom into the beautiful person that I am today. I will be forever grateful to this program. Without their love and support I would not have celebrated 8 years of sobriety this past June.

I don't know what I would do if it weren't for PDAP. PDAP literally saved my son's life. He was heading down the depths of hell from his addiction and PDAP was able to teach me how to set healthy boundaries and get him into the right treatment facility. After treatment they loved him until he saw his own worth. He is now working on his doctorate and is able to financially support himself. We had tried other programs but this one works with the whole family. Please donate to this organization. You never know when you are someone you love may need their help.