Peewees Pet Adoption World & Sanctuary Inc

Peewee's rescues, rehabilitates, and cares for lost and abandoned animals - whether reunited with their owners; adopted or sheltered for the duration of their lives.

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I. Background and Mission
Peewee's Pet Adoption World and Sanctuary, Inc. is a 501©3 non-profit organization established in 1995. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 6 to 8 million dogs and cats end up in shelters each year and that nearly 4 million of them are euthanized. Corpus Christi Animal Control takes in thousands of pets each year. The majority of these homeless animals end up euthanized as very few are claimed or adopted, and we are doing everything we can to get ahead of the overpopulation problem. Our mission is to be a true no-kill animal sanctuary for abandoned pets, providing all medical and physical needs while attempting to place them in new, loving homes. The shelter is located on a 4½ acre tract that was donated to Peewee's in 2002 and lies just outside of the Corpus Christi city limits. Our shelter hours are 10am to 5pm seven days a week. The facility maintains a Board of Directors, which meets regularly and supervises the policy of everyday operations. Peewee's strongly enforces a true no kill shelter environment. Sick animals are treated, and veterinary care is sought as necessary. All animals are vaccinated, spayed, and neutered upon entry into the shelter. They are also placed on heartworm prevention as well as flea and tick prevention. Peewee's currently houses about 400 animals.

II. Programs in Place
Adoption Program: We have three places to adopt pets from; direct from the shelter 7 days a week, or from Petsmart and Petco on the weekends. Potential adopters are screened to make sure they can provide a safe, loving, permanent home for the pet. If a pet resides at the shelter for too long without being adopted, we may transfer them out to many other partner organizations on the upper East and West coasts who can usually find wonderful homes for them in a very short time. Through our adoption program, we can help families obtain a healthy pet with all medical needs already taken care of including the spaying/neutering. This will help bring down the stray population, create a happy pet, and give the adopter a new healthy family member. The medical work we provide to each animal would easily cost a family $300-$400 dollars at retail veterinarian prices. At a cost to us of only $50 each, the animals get spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, checked/treated for heartworms, teeth cleaned, hernias repaired, and deciduous teeth, dewclaws, and tumors removed. For every animal we receive and eventually adopt out, we help 1) the pet itself, 2) the person who found/brought us the pet, 3) the community where the stray pet was roaming and 4) the family who adopts the pet. Completing over 8,000 placements in the last 5 1/2 years, one can see the immense number of lives affected, animal and human, but there is still much work to be done. We are aiming for 2,000 adoptions in 2018!

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program: We opened Madison's Clinic, our new on-site spay/neuter clinic for the needy public, in March of 2015. This would allow us not only to care for and spay/neuter animals brought to our facility, but will provide low/no cost spaying/neutering services on a large scale to people who otherwise would not fix their pets. Our prices are the among the lowest of any low-cost spay/neuter clinic in town. The prices for people in need would be as follows: Male cats are $35, female cats $45. Male dogs are $55-$100, and female dogs are $65-$120, dependent on weight. With grants, we are able to offer free spay/neuter to people who are on any kind of public assistance.

Transfer In Program: We collaborate with several municipal animal control facilities extending through eight surrounding counties, including City Animal Controls in Kingsville, Ingleside, and Portland, Texas. We take pets from these municipalities that do not have any other no kill shelters in their area and therefore, we are saving these animals from certain euthanasia.

Feral Cat Trap and Release Program: We collaborate with local schools, apartment complexes, businesses, and private individuals in our Trap and Release Program by loaning out humane traps so people can catch the feral cats and get them fixed through us for a minimal cost. If allowed, they release the cats back to where they came from, and if not, they can relocate the whole colony someplace else.

Educational Program: We educate the public on the proper care of animals, their medical requirements, and general pet information at the shelter, our mobile adoption sites at Petco and Petsmart, public events, and our newsletter, which is distributed to 3,500 families quarterly.
"We lost our Schnauzer in Dec and realized we needed another to love. We heard about this rescue place and one day decided to go check it out . We were treated warmly by the lady in the office. We went to look at what dogs they had and fell for a little male Schnauzer who was very quiet. We filled out the paperwork and took our baby home. We are so satisfied with our experience with Peewee's that we went back today to see about a little buddy for our little guy. Again we were treated well and we will be at Petsmart on Sat. to check out the little female who will be there. Peewee's is a chance for these animals to get off the streets, have food, water and shelter ! How lucky are they !!! We will support Peewee's and wish them well" - Nina Lynn L.

"We got our sweet dog Maple Sugar from PeeWees almost 14 years ago. She was an abandoned puppy. The whole litter had been dropped off at PeeWees. I am so grateful to PeeWees for being a NO KILL SHELTER, taking dogs in and and still caring enough to screen potential pet owners. PeeWees allowed the best dog in the world to live a beautiful life with us. Peewee's, thank you for all you do to care for the dogs in this city that one one else cares about!" - Karen W.

"I love Peewee's!!! I drove out there one afternoon just out of curiosity, I wanted to see the wide range of animals that I had heard about...not necessarily looking for any animal in particular to adopt; but low and behold in the back corner of Ernie's office I spotted this beautiful little creature...he was a pomy named Squirt...that was it I had to have him...I filled out the adoption application and was approved...Squirt was a special needs senior who just needed a mommy, a forever home and tons of love...I keep saying was because I only had little Squirt for 1 yr. and he died in his sleep just a few days before this past Christmas; but the love that we shared will last a lifetime...I miss him so,so much but I know if dogs go to Heaven he is there. Thank you for the love you let us share @ Peewee's." - Monica F.

"12 years ago I adopted a young male dog. He was being treated for a skin irritation while in Peewees care, they gave me the medicine that was being used on him, and I later followed up with my own vet. I named him Peyton. He is still alive and well. A few years later I adopted a female mix shepherd who I named Amyleigh who is now 10. Both dogs were from Peewees and Miss Ernie was very thorough with my adoption paper work. But I was able to provide my veterinarian name and all information on my past dogs health and their veterinary care. These are not difficult questions , but it does give insight to if you really do provide monthly medications and regular veterinary care. I am very pleased that Peyton and Amyleigh are still living a wonderful life with me and I owe this to Peewees because they provided them a chance to live when they were cast out by others." Ginger M.

"Corpus has a very bad problem with overpopulation of pets. Owning a pet comes with responsibilities like not breeding when there is an overpopulation, being conscious about it. Following up with vaccinations and heart worm medication and always caring for them. Peewees's picks up the slack that the population doesn't do and helps in every way possible. Don't be quick to judge on why things are a certain way, instead, inform yourself about it, ask why and be proactive. Peewees's is a great sanctuary." Louisa G.

"These people are doing all they can to save the lives of so many homeless pets! Love the new dog building! Veterinarian on site. Way to go Peewees!" S.P.

"Great people helping animals." D. Holliday