West Side Helping Hand

"To guide low-income youth in Corpus Christi, Texas toward pathways of success. Our development programs embrace the dignity of the person through focusing on academics, character development, sports, individual attention and parental engagement."

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"Forming the whole person for a successful life through body, mind and spirit"

WSHH is an Educational and Recreational Youth Center that serves students who are from low income families in the Corpus Christi area. The Center will provide academic enhancement, character development, job training skills, extra-curricular activities for students. Parents are provided with the opportunity to help guide their children and to participate in parenting classes.
Academic Enhancement (One on One Tutoring)
Character Formation
Reading Club
Extra-Curricular Activities
Math Club
Science Club
Art Club
Chess Club
Parenting Classes (Getting Ahead-Ruby Payne's Program)
Culinary Club
Sewing Club
"I enjoy playing outside, doing my homework and being in reading club."-Damien 5th grade

"I see a difference with my kids participating at West Side Helping Hand, they are much happier."-Cassandra (Parent)

"I really like it here at West Side Helping Hand, my Grand-children did not know how to read until they came here, thank you for all you do."-(Grandma Simpson)

"I like that I get to see all the coaches everyday, and we do something fun and learn at the same time."-Alyssa 4th grade

"I love the cooking club, we are learning about different things we can make at our homes for our family."-Juan 6th grade