Brush Country CASA

Brush Country CASA provides trained, qualified volunteers to advocate for children who are before the court as a result of abuse or neglect. Its goal is to place the children in safe, nurturing homes as soon as possible.

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Brush Country CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a nonprofit organization that trains and supports community volunteer advocates for children removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect in Brooks, Duval, Jim Wells, Kenedy and Kleberg Counties. CASA is unique in that it is the only organization of its kind that empowers ordinary people to serve as officers of the court and work with and on behalf of foster children. Our volunteers get to know the child and gathers information from everyone involved in their life, including family members, teachers, doctors and social workers. They then take all of the valuable information they have gathered directly to the Judge and provide recommendations to the court regarding the child's best interest. Our volunteers advocate for the child in the foster care, educational, medical, mental health and court systems. CASA volunteers can make a lifelong difference in the lives of the children they represent by giving each child or sibling group the individualized, sustained attention needed for the child to find a caring, safe and permanent home. They can also stop the cycle of abuse and neglect for generations to come.
CASA Volunteers are Lights for Children

Darkness meant John's mother's boyfriend might creep into his bedroom and make him do things that made him uncomfortable. Light was when the boyfriend stayed away, when he could go to school and he could count on getting a meal.
After John entered foster care, he created his own darkness. He didn't like living with strangers, sleeping in a strange bed or going to a new school. Night was scary, because he didn't know what might happen. So, he withdrew. During the day, he sat for hours under a table in the dining room. That room had the most light and the table kept people away.
Then Randa was appointed as John's CASA volunteer and became his light. Randa read John's files. She talked to family members and his foster parents. She met with John's teachers from his old school and his new school. She learned how John went from being an outgoing, happy boy to a thin, angry and sad pre-teen. Over time Randa, working with his foster parents and therapist, was able to draw John out. She helped John get the counseling he needed so he could begin to heal. John has been adopted by an aunt and uncle and loves wearing his baseball uniform and playing second base - day or night.
CASA volunteers are ordinary people who describe their extraordinary service as a calling to help the most vulnerable of our citizens - our children. CASA volunteers look beyond suffering and pain to help bring healing to children who have been failed by the adults who should have protected them.
By shining their light, CASA volunteers illuminate healing and hope that exists in children they serve.
CASA volunteers are fired up and fiercely passionate about changing the course of the lives of abused and neglected children.
The light that burns in the souls of determined and dedicated CASA volunteers, staff, board members and supporters is a collective light that alters what happens to children in the foster care system. Because of their light and energy, children in the foster care system can alter their destinies; they do not have to repeat the cycle of abuse they experienced. Those children are blessed with the knowledge that someone believes and hopes for a brighter future for them.

Vicki Spriggs