Coastal Bend Food Bank

The Coastal Bend Food Bank reduces hunger in the Coastal Bend through food distribution and nutrition education.

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The Coastal Bend Food Bank promotes better health and nutrition among people who struggle to feed their families. It is a commitment from the Board of Directors and the Food Bank staff to help individuals improve their eating habits by offering nutrition education and providing quality foods, particularly fresh produce, meats and dairy products. Last year the Food Bank distributed over 10 million pounds of food in 11 counties of the Coastal Bend.

Other programs offered by the Food Bank is the Backpack Program, weekend food for children who live in food insecure homes and the Diabetes Hands-On Program that teaches people living with diabetes to manage the disease. Diabetes Hands On has been a part of the Food Bank for the last 9 years and surprisingly is only one of two American Diabetes Association recognized programs in the Coastal Bend, and the only program that offers a full comprehensive eight weeks of hands-on instruction. The goal of this no-cost series, taught by health professionals, is to prevent diabetes complications in our community, which offers a cost savings per individual who graduates from the course. Prevention through quality education, rather than treatment, is the most effective strategy for turning the tide on diabetes here in the Coastal Bend Area. The 8-week series empowers people with diabetes, pre-diabetes or just trying to prevent diabetes all together, to eat healthier, exercise more, take medications and prevent any complications.
Not only are classes offered during the year, but people with diabetes struggling to afford food can find the support they need through our diabetes pantry. Our pantry focuses specifically on distributing vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins to make complete meals and take the burden off of patients having to choose between purchasing medications or purchasing healthy foods. Healthy food along with a condensed class twice a month on diabetes has allowed participants to make good choices.
Please help us keep these much needed programs at no-cost for the individuals who need it most so they can be confident in choosing health for their lifetime.

"My family hit hard times because of the economy and without the Coastal Bend Food Bank, I can honestly tell you I would not have been able to feed my kids. Children should never go without food. I am so grateful." -Louanne, Corpus Christi, Texas