Corpus Christi Metro Ministries

It is the mission of Corpus Christi Metro Ministries to help create a community that is free from hunger and homelessness by Feeding (the mind, body, and spirit), Sheltering, and Transforming Lives.

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Homelessness comes in all shapes and forms and for over 36 years, CCMM has fed the mind, body and spirit; sheltered the homeless; and transformed the lives of children, women and men who have come through our doors. CCMM provides five programs and all services are provided free of charge. These programs include:
a. Gabbard Health Clinic - Providing free health care to our residents, the un-insured, and under-insured. In 2017, we provided 944 free patient services.
b. Rainbow House/Foster Sanctuary - A transitional housing program for homeless women, homeless women with children, and young women who have aged-out of the Foster Care System, and aimed at helping them reach independent living and self-sufficiency. In 2017, we housed 150 women and 80 children, with 108 women and 19 children graduated into stable housing.
c. Rustic House - A transitional housing program for homeless men with a disability and/or over 60 years old, also aimed at helping them reach independent living and self-sufficiency. In 2017, we housed 91 men with 68 moving into stable housing.
d. Vineyard Social Services & Case Management - Providing 2,446 individual clients with 7,856 units of service in 2017 to those in need, providing homeless intervention, individualized case management, work and education resources, daily life needs and pastoral care.
e. Loaves & Fishes Cafeteria - Providing a free, full service cafeteria, serving approximately 400 meals per day (over 100,000 meals per year) which feeds the homeless, poor, working poor, elderly and disabled year-round.

We are inspired by those whose lives we touch through our residential programs our Foster Sanctuary, Rainbow House Residential Program for Women and Children and Rustic House Residential Program for Men.

We continue to support our first aged out foster young woman who is spending her Junior year of college in New York State.

We recently helped a young mother who worked hard to help herself get back on her feet after only nine moths of our individualized case management. She and her five and two year old have just graduated our program and moved into their forever home!

In our Rustic House "David" is working two jobs and seeks extra chores at Metro to prepare himself to graduate from our programs and have a place of his own. These small steps of personal accountability help to create independent living and long term success.