Hammons Education Leadership Programs

HELP takes at-risk youth and disabled adults to local job sites where they get real life experience in a variety of careers; this hands-on approach can spark their interest and lead to the desire to apply for the job or to pursue the training that they need.

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The challenge of our mission statement led to our motto: "How can you find the job of your dreams if you don't even know it exists?"

HELPing at-risk and disabled youth and adults find their dream job means someone has to take them to look for it. With over 4,000 clients on 250 trips to over 100 local jobsites or training facilities, HELP has a record of taking its clients where the jobs are.

There is no substitute for the kind of hands-on exploration that HELP provides.

HELP does things the schools do not typically do, and we go places that schools do not often go due to legal restraints and fears of liability. We take our clients "where the action is"...we have no prepared lectures, no textbooks, no formal classes, just the experience of a job done well by those who do it best, and who are willing to share their expertise at their work setting.

Everything we do is based on the concept that people learn best through experience. We work primarily with juveniles who are having problems with the law and people with disabilities, but we also establish Career Clubs available to students who have an interest in getting a head start on a great career. All of these are aspects of our flagship program, On Site Career Mentoring.

In our Career Clubs, we install touch screen computers (Windows on the World) which are loaded with videos and photos of our job-site visits. These cutting-edge computers allow students to virtually experience jobsite visits without leaving school, but still shows them what it's like to be a welder, pipefitter, nurse, firefighter, police officer, or auto mechanic. After selecting one or more intriguing options, the students can go down into the middle of the refinery; into the Police Academy; into the Fire Station, the Training Center at Del Mar; into the mechanic shop to observe, interact with, and shadow the professionals who are working in the field that caught their interest.

HELP has cooperated with Texas A&M, Workforce, SERCO, DARS and others in developing programs such as Summer Partners in Career Exploration (SPICE), the Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) and the Second Chance Program (for the Juvenile Justice Center.)

In a survey we conducted in 2012, 94% of the students we had interacted with were either still in school or had a job. Since our inception in 2008, we have taken over 4,000 participants on more than 250 visits to over 120 locations. In less than 8 years, we have increased our business twenty fold! Your support would HELP us extend this growth to include more at-risk and disabled Texans.

Thank you for your time, consideration and willingness to HELP.
Here are some words from the students that go on our trips.

"This program has encouraged me about my future." - Chris

"Great trip. Very fun and educational. Hope to do it again soon!" - Martin

"I would like to thank everyone who made this opportunity possible. I appreciate it." - Alex

"I learned to never give up, keep working towards your goal." - Ashley

"I had so much fun!" - Durina

"Thank you for such a fun trip. I love HELP!" - Natalie

"This was an amazing trip and opportunity." - Cecilia

"It was a very good experience. Thank you so much, you all are so great!" - Matthew