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To provide free healthcare and "Healing through Love while restoring dignity to our patients.

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Mission of Mercy provides FREE healthcare to the uninsured working poor in the Coastal Bend. We do this from our new 14,000-square-foot Mission of Mercy Medical Center, 2421 Ayers St., across from Del Mar College, and our mobile clinic site in Sandia. We partner with volunteers to provide diagnosis, treatment, and health information and see patients regularly for as long as they need our services. Our patients are people who work, cannot get health insurance, and cannot afford to pay for healthcare on their own.
Each year, we provide approximately 5,000 free patient visits to 1,600 individual patients. We believe these numbers will grow as we expand days and hours at the medical center. We also provide approximately 150 free prescription medications from our formulary and help patients enroll in indigent drug programs run by pharmaceutical companies. Medications are dispensed at our clinic sites at little or no cost to patients. In our current fiscal year, we estimate we will help patients acquire prescription medications valued at $600,000.
Patients who require specialty services are referred to specialists in the community who treat our patients at no charge. We also receive free testing and imaging services from hospitals, private labs, and imaging centers. Our collaborators include Amistad Community Health Center, CHRISTUS Spohn Health System, Doctors Regional Medical Center, Methodist Healthcare Ministries, Radiology Associates, Radiology & Imaging, Timon's Ministries, and Wesley Nurses. In our current fiscal year, we anticipate receiving $1,500,000 in donated goods and services from a wide range of collaborators. Patients will enjoy many benefits from receiving free healthcare at the Mission of Mercy Medical Center. In addition, we added two new programs to include an eye clinic and behavioral healthcare. Our Sandia site will continue to operate as is. Patients will now have access to services and appointments approximately 14 days per month. On some Wednesdays, we offer late afternoon/early evening appointments. Patients will have access to more physicians and a wider variety of physicians as well as more medical equipment and supplies. We have also added vision care, behavioral counseling, diabetes education and healthy cooking classes at our Medical Center. The Mission of Mercy Medical Center will quickly become a healthcare hub as we collaborate with other providers who will use our building to provide other services.
"I Roberto Romero Sr. ended up going to the hospital about 4 years ago with typhus fever. The doctor walked in and asked me if I knew I had cirrhosis of the liver and Hepatitus C. I had no knowledge of it. I was released and was told to see my family doctor, which I did not have one. The illness progressed due to not seeing a doctor or getting medication. My legs started swelling along with my arms and stomach. The swelling got so bad to where it was difficult to walk or stand for long periods of time. It got to where I would just stay swollen, I was retaining lots of fluid. I tried to work but could not. I was getting tired and felt real weak. My ammonia level was too high. I tried to get help through the welfare and indigent neither one could help. I came across Mission of Mercy which was a real blessing to me for they started taking blood work, sonograms and x-rays which they found out I have high blood pressure, liver was scarred, Hepatits C, potassium was low and I became depressed. They started me on medication and thanks to God it is somewhat bearable. Without their help, I am sure I would probably be dead now. They are the kindest people I have ever met that actually care for their patients, they take the time to find out what is wrong with you. I have not ran into one doctor, nurse or volunteer that has not shown their kindness. They have a good team and their is no charge at any time. There is no words to express the gratitude I have for Mission of Mercy. They are one of a kind. I have also been blessed by them cause they were able to get me on the Harvoni program which has given me hope for living longer and maybe be able to go back to work some day. God Bless Mission of Mercy and anyone that is part of their team." ----- Roberto Romero Sr.

"I would like to say thank you so much for seeing my mom today. The Physician and all the other volunteers gave my mom hope again after months of struggling to find some type of help to see a doctor due to her situation and I am very thankful. My mom has been fighting cancer her whole life and when her job terminated her she lost her health insurance and wasn't able to afford to go back for checks up for her cancer. Me and my family appreciate everything, thank you again for giving her hope." ---- Monica Hernandez

"I, Graciela Romero, am very blessed to have walked on into the church located in Corpus Christi, TX.  I had been told about a non-profit organization that could help me, since I did not have any medical insurance.  I still feel like I am in a dream.  Mission of Mercy is a non-profit organization that is well needed in our community.  They have everything under control.  There is no wait, no standing in line, no proof of poverty of residency and no applications to fill out.  Mission of Mercy uses the First United Methodist Church Building that is located in Corpus Christi, Texas every other Monday to be able to help the community get the medical attention needed.  There is no problem if you have no insurance, there is a group of doctors that have a big heart.  The visits are at no cost and the prescriptions that are needed if you are sick will be prescribed to you as your doctor evaluates the medical issues. I decided to have them help me with my yearly exam.  I had not seen a doctor since 1998, and I was in need for a mammogram and in need for a yearly pap smear.  I knew I had Hepatitis C, I was diagnosed in 1998, but have never been back to the doctor to receive any type of treatments.  Mission of Mercy takes your vitals, weight and your sugar count to see if you are diabetic as soon as you sign in.  Mission of Mercy offers you a wide range of services, from medical treatment to diagnostic and prescription services.  Since 2014, I have had lab tests, X-rays and ultra-sounds at various hospitals, private providers and specialists.  Mission of Mercy has been providing me with free healthcare services.  My last yearly exam, the bloodwork came back with my thyroid being elevated, immediately they sent me with a prescription for a scanning of the thyroid and uptake. My main concern was my Hepatitis C, as I knew this is a silent killer, I was just taking it day by day.  My stomach started looking like I was pregnant.  I gained weight just in my stomach and I would feel weak, with a loss of energy.  I have recently gotten approved to take the 12- week program.  The Harvoni medicine and the pharmacy has approved to fulfill the prescription by communication with the Support Path Program. I will start this 12-week program in January 2016.  I am excited, I remember the day I was told I would be considered a candidate, I was so excited.  I have 7 children, 3 boys, 1 girl I gave birth to, 3 stepdaughters and a total of 20 grandchildren and 1 on the way.  Mission of Mercy has given me the hope that I have been searching for.  My Hepatitis C, after treatments will no longer be a medical problem for myself, I can plan on living a long life with my children and grandchildren. Mission of Mercy has treated me like I have known them all my life, they really show that they care about their patients.  We, my family and I really appreciate everything they have done and continue to do for us. This letter is short and sweet, I could go on about all the great things Mission of Mercy has done, my main concern is I would like to let Mission of Mercy know that they've been a great asset to my life since 2014.  Keep up the great work. Thank You" ----- Graciela Romero
"My husband and I would like to thank the compassionate and dedicated doctors, nurses and staff at Mission of Mercy for their outstanding patient care services. When my husband was diagnosed with GIST (stomach cancer), which also jumped to his liver, we were blessed to have met Lynette Navar, RN and Dr. Richard Porter at Mission of Mercy, immediately my husband was on his way to receiving the medical care he needed. We are forever grateful to be served by Mission of Mercy. God Bless" ---- Jose Luis Hinojosa-Fuentes and Irene Hinojosa