Youth Odyssey

Youth Odyssey is on a mission to provide at-risk youth ages 10-17 with positive development through life skills curricula and adventure challenge programming. Thank you for believing in our youth and donating to make their lives better!

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Created in 1997, Youth Odyssey is based primarily in Nueces County (and secondary locations in Jim Wells, Live Oak, and San Patricio Counties), driven to address the rising tide of juvenile crime and violence. Youth Odyssey is on a mission to provide at-risk boys and girls ages 10-17 with youth development through life skills and adventure challenge programming. The six life skills we focus on are: communication, teamwork, problem-solving, goal-setting, leadership, and trust. We teach and apply these skills through adventure activities that include teambuilding sessions, ropes challenge courses, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, backpacking, camping, and more. Since our establishment, Youth Odyssey has provided approximately 9,000 at-risk and disadvantaged youth with life changing opportunities; 800-900 youth annually.

Programming is FREE of cost to the youth and their families.

Here are some donation suggestions:
$20 = After-school Sessions for one youth
$25 = Ropes Course for one youth
$150 = Camping Trip for one youth
$246 = Full Program for one youth
$2000 = Camping Trip for 15 youth
$3700 = Full Program for 15 youth

We define an at-risk youth as a young boy or girl who struggles in school, home, or in their social circles in one way or another. Risk factors include substance abuse, domestic abuse, bullying, defiant and antisocial behaviors; and problems with grades, respect, boundaries, and family circumstances.

Youth Odyssey partners with Corpus Christi Independent School District, Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation, Corpus Christi Housing Authority, and Prospera Management Services to provide programming to neediest neighborhoods in our area. According to the Texas A&M Corpus Christi's Social Science Research Center's 2014 Report Nueces County averages are higher than State and many National averages in following areas:

• Families living in poverty
• Child Poverty
• Violent Crimes Arrests
• Property Crime Arrests
• Alcohol-Related Arrests
• Drug Abuse Arrests
• Curfew/Vandalism, Disorderly Conduct Arrests
• Drug/alcohol related deaths
• Teen Pregnancies
• Juveniles in treatment for drug/alcohol use
• Percentage of 25yrs or younger with less than a HS diploma

We combat these statistics through teaching basic, yet vital life skills (communication, teamwork, problem-solving, goal-setting, leadership, and trust) through adventure challenges that include teambuilding games, ropes challenge courses, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, bouldering, backpacking, and camping.

Our results speak for themselves. Our 2015 end of the year stats showed improvement in the following life skills by exponential percentages:
• Communication Skills 87%
• Leadership Skills 90%
• Problem Solving Skills 90%
• Gained Self Confidence 92%
• Teamwork Skills 92%
• Trust 91%

According to CCISD, the children involved in our programs experience:
• Decreased disciplinary action
• Increased grades
• Increased testing scores
• Increases attendance

Our programs work and we can't wait to expand into more of the Coastal Bend!
"I learned self-confidence (on a Youth Odyssey Trip) which will help me believe in myself and be more of an "I can" guy than an "It's too hard" guy."
--15 year old Male

"I like Youth Odyssey because before I joined I didn't really know anyone. Youth Odyssey has made me the person I am today. I stand for what I believe. I help people even when they don't ask. I know how to take charge in a situation. Youth Odyssey really brought me out of my shell. I still have tons of room to grow, but I like how I am so far."
- 16 year old girl

"You meet different people who aren't in the same element and they act like their true selves. You don't have to show anybody up or try to be better than everybody. When you are out there, you're YOU."
- 13 year old girl

"What I love about the Youth Odyssey program is that I get to see the faces on kids when they overcome their fears or get to go on camping trips. Most importantly, I like to go experience things that others cannot. I got to see snow, got to see beautiful sites, and I get to work on my communication skills. Because of this program I now have the courage to speak to people, which is important to my profession, so this is why I love this program."
-17 year old boy


"It's wonderful to see him so happy. And that men around him are providing a positive attitude and are showing him that it is possible for boys to grow up and actually care about kids."
-Parent of 12 year old boy

"I have noticed that my daughter responds to life in a positive way and sees things from a different point of view. I think she has learned to communicate with me and others more, and now has self-confidence to believe in herself."
-Parent of 13 year old girl

"This has made a very positive impact as far as self-confidence and leadership - and he needs more of this. Being away from home, learning to get along with other, socializing and meeting new people…he's enjoyed it all and is eagerly waiting to go again."
-Parent of 14 year old boy